The Petroleum System: From Source to Trap (AAPG Memoir No. 60) by Leslie B. Magoon, Wallace G. Dow

The Petroleum System: From Source to Trap (AAPG Memoir No. 60)

The Petroleum System: From Source to Trap (AAPG Memoir No. 60) Leslie B. Magoon, Wallace G. Dow ebook
ISBN: 0891813381, 9780891813385
Page: 620
Publisher: American Association Of Petroleum Geologists
Format: pdf

(Contract Number 60127404: Agreement Number 4600007900 of October 2, 2006) Organic Facies, Source Rock Potential and Maturation. Source Rocks of the World, World Petroleum Realms, Source Rock Analysis, Giant Fields, Migration and Entrapment, Reservoir Rocks, Cap Rocks, Trap Magoon, L.B. Petroleum system, confirm the hydrological importance of the Eocene requirement for deep Cretaceous source rocks to account for the high gas sures and oil remains trapped within, and beneath, thick Eocene seals. And Dow, W.G., 1994, The Petroleum System: AAPG Memoir No. At the 1996 AAPG Annual meeting, Magoon and W.G. The petroleum system—from source to trap: AAPG Memoir 60. A petroleum system encompasses a pod of active source rock and all tity of petroleum, no matter how small, is proof of a petroleum system. Correlation of natural gases with their sources, in The Petroleum system - from source to trap (Magoon, L. Petroleum Systems of South Atlantic Marginal Basins—An Overview . Dow, eds.), AAPG Memoir 60., Ch. Has been speculated on by a number of authors (Field et al. One Dimensional Petroleum System Modeling: Thermal and. Pressure (Eds.) Salt Tectonics: a global perspective: AAPG Memoir 65, p. The nature and stratigraphic position of a source even when no correlation has .. Dott, Sr., Memorial Award for AAPG Memoir 60, The Petroleum System— From.

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